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What is it?

OctoMouse is a free application for MAC OSX that measures your mouse and keyboard activities.

With OctoMouse, you will be able to always keep under your eyes how far did you travel with your mouse/trackpad, how many times did you press a key, how long did you use your computer and so on.

OctoMouse, only for MAC


As most of people, you are concerned about some privacy issues and this is why the application's source code is open. The application does not collect any private information from the user and does not use any network bandwith. It is not a keylogger and only keeps track of the number of times a key was pressed. If you are still concerned about privacy, you can check the source code and build the application by yourself using Xcode.

OctoMouse is Open-Source and available on GitHub!


No icon in the dock, keep your analytics always under your eyes, parameterizable, available in several languages.

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Current available languages

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Planned Features

  • Windows support;
  • Mouse speed in real-time, and average;
  • Custom usage counter: a new tab where you can reset the analytics whenever you want;
  • API to display your analytics on a website;
  • Detailed analytics:
    • Display a keyboard and show the keys that are the most often used;
    • Display a mouse and show which button is the most used;
    • Display a screen and show which area your mouse is more often located.
planned 1
planned 2
In order to see these new features coming as soon as possible, please support OctoMouse!


Why is the keystrokes counter not working?

For a security reason, OSX prevents any application to detect and retrieve all keyboard inputs that happen outside the application itself. If you want the key pressed counter working, you will need to add OctoMouse in a whitelist. We can't force you to trust our application, but we assure you we don't collect any information from you.

To enable the keystrokes counter feature, make sure this application is added and checked in: System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility. You might need to restart the application.

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Support OctoMouse

There are several ways to support this project:


Please offer me a coffee so I can stay awake and work hard on the project. According to the Balmer Peak theory, offering me beer could even make me more productive.


Translate OctoMouse!

We want OctoMouse to be available in many languages as possible in order to make this application accessible by people all around the world. Only a few texts need to be translated... If you want to help for adding any new translation, contact us.

Add features, fix bugs, suggest ideas...

This project is open-source so you can freely contribute to it! Open a new issue if you find a bug, make a pull request if you implement a new feature... Whatever that would make OctoMouse better.

Spread the word :)

Share this application around you.

Or just give me nice words!

By giving a good rate, a nice comment to the application or just sending me a little message will always make me happy.

Who am I?

I am me. I try to make some cool stuff during my free time outside my current job. It is sometimes hard to find some spare time so I try to do my best. This is why I need your support! Also, take time to visit my website Takohi.com.